Since 2018, Nick Gikas has provided voiceovers for an ever-growing list of clients, ranging from Industrial Businesses to Video Game Developers to Animators. Born and raised in Michigan, Nick graduated from Eastern Michigan University with a B.S. in Electronic Media & Film Studies. Nick’s studio in Dallas, Texas is equipped with professional-grade gear which allows him to provide you high-quality voiceovers with a fast turnaround no matter where a client is located.


  • Vocal Profile: Male, Teenager to Elderly in a variety of styles from energetic, conversational, informative, and more
  • Accents: Standard American, Southern American, Brooklyn, Greek, RP British, Australian, among others
  • Fluent in English and Greek
  • Proficient with audio editing software to provide engineering services if needed


  • Clean and clear audio delivered in a format of your choosing
  • Audio enhancement (EQs, filters, effects, etc.)
  • Remote direction facilitated through Skype, Zoom, or Discord
  • Fast turnaround for all audio required


  • Microphone: RODE NT-1
  • Interface: Presonus Studio 26
  • Digital Audio Workstation: REAPER
  • VoIP Programs: Skype, Zoom, Discord